Declinig education standard

Have teachers evaluate each other on a rotating basis and use these evaluations in promotion decisions.

Are modern standards breeding a decline in cultural literacy?

Nigeria presents a classical study in over dependence on government for the provision of virtually everything. This takes me to the issue of university autonomy - The earlier the law on this is passed the better.

Unless the funding of federal and state universities is properly and frontally addressed, the education sector is doomed. For him, the movement toward nonfiction seems dangerous. They submitted their reports in A Nigerian guest among the gathering had wanted to know when the University last had a strike action.

Nigerians have been made to believe that all they have to do is to sit at home, produce children and donate them to the government to nurture, maintain, train and educate. I believe that no reasonable parent would abandon his child in the cold.

This takes me to the issue of university autonomy - The earlier the law on this is passed the better. Because no serious incentives are given to students to fill in these online forms, most response samples are comically small in size.

The Decline of American Education

Opposition parties have slammed the poor Grade 10 and 12 exam results. Co-operative funding of universities 8. You all know that in most of you do not carry out any research.

Restructuring of Primary and Secondary Schools System including its curriculum. E - The problems bequeathed to us by the military can be categorized as follows: It is common knowledge that private enterprises thrive better than public establishments.

That to me is fraudulent and borders on stealing, which is a felonious crime. In Yoruba, the saying is that "A kii sise ijoba laagun" meaning "No one does a government job and sweats at it. With the above background, we may now ask: This is vitally necessary because the rot in the university has its root in the foundation which is the elementary school.

Our education system is influenced by a number of factors. No intervention will provide an overnight fix. The imperfections of that pattern are now keenly felt and there is a great need to introduce a radical change in the educational system.

That to me is fraudulent and borders on stealing, which is a felonious crime.

Are modern standards breeding a decline in cultural literacy?

Those who benefit from the present system will wince at the prospect of the potential remedies below being put to public debate and independent evaluation. Educational policies with complete check and balance should be implemented.

Are English standards really falling in Hong Kong? Don't believe all you read

On Cultism - Nigeria is the only country where cultism operates in Universities. Government should also revise our curriculum. The new curriculum should be devised according to the new developments and advancements in the world.

Reasons Why Cultism Exists Some of the known reasons why cultism exists in our institutions of learning especially universities are as follows: One case in point: Make it simple for them, but give them some significant materials to work with.

The data for college level education is also not positive. Just over 40 percent of American’s earn a college a degree – a number which has not changed in decades – while other nations have been catching up. The recent furore about academic standards in Australian higher education – including Monday's damning Four Corners expose – has the potential to bring not only desperately needed attention, but actual change, to the sector.

Full Length Research Paper The main reasons of declining educational standards at secondary level in Karachi, Pakistan Waqar-un-Nisa Faizi*, Anila Fatima Shakil and Farida Azim Lodhi Department of Education, Jinnah University for Women Karachi, Pakistan.

Jan 05,  · Further, standards in the universities these future teachers were attending slipped as grade inflation became universal in higher education too, for reasons I will get to in a moment.

Declining standard of education

Declining standard of education. different standards of education, low budget allocation for education sector, political interference, low quality of curricula and textbooks, rapid growth in.

Mar 26,  · 7 Signs That U.S. Education Decline Is Jeopardizing Its National Security. only 22 percent of U.S. high school students met "college ready" standards in all My "Crotty on Education.

Declinig education standard
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