Education system in armenia essay

The transformation is not yet complete, and the final assessment of the overall outcome of the reform is yet to be seen. It was changed to 11 years in and to 12 years in composed of a three-tier scheme including primary, medium, and high schools.

University level second stage: The study report is available here: Publications Office of the European Union, On appeal, courts released some protest leaders from detention on their own recognizance. Police warned several journalists to move away from the main crowd before using force.

Education System In Armenia Essay

The aim of higher professional education is to provide high quality professional education and re-qualification based on secondary general and intermediate professional education that meet educational development needs. As a result, most women are left out from the competition and more frequently appear in mid-level management.

Educational system Classes from: Students acquire necessary knowledge in order to conduct scientific-research work. This was an entirely new experience for Armenian society, where children generally attended one school from the first to last grade.

Students, who accomplish 8 grade, obtain the certificate of 8-year education incomplete secondary education and they can continue their study in the high school as well as in specialized secondary and technical secondary educational institutions.

Moreover, increasing numbers of women are due to declining rather than growing academic resources, and to the weakened competitive field at universities.

Education System in Armenia

The applied sciences such as physics, mathematics, chemistry, microbiology, engineering and medicine are the main developed branches in the scientific and educational system of Armenia.

Tertiary Education There are a number of private and state universities in Armenia where undergraduate and graduate programs may be followed. Secondary Education Secondary schooling continues for a further 2 years.

Several interrelated hindering factors can be defined which explain the vertical segregation in academic environment. After a further period studying an academically-based curriculum, successful students receive their certificate of basic education. Inthe government of the RA adopted the Gender Policy Concept Paper [3]which also sets the main goals and objectives of the gender policy in the sphere of higher education.

Police held some detainees for up to 12 hours without documenting the detention, and on at least two occasions arbitrarily held groups of people in a gymnasium on an interior troop base. Among them is a US citizen of Armenian descent, Garo Yegnukyan, who participated in peaceful protests following the seizure of the police station, and considers the charges politically motivated.

It can be supposed that male-male relationships are more reliable for keeping the power leverages centered, since these relationships rely on an established masculine culture of mutually predictable behavior, expectations and arrangements. Intermediate School Length of program in years: University level first stage: The secondary data, which includes statistical data, previous surveys, legislative documents, international reports etc.

General secondary education lasts for 2 years after completion of the first two stages: Content on this website is from high-quality, licensed material originally published in print form. The research was supported by Open Society Foundations- Armenia.

The study report is available here: These and other specific features of the gender imbalance during post-soviet years should be taken into account in current gender analyses and studies in the area of higher education.

Getting more women to the top in research. Thank you to Anita Barooni and Nelly Minasyan for developing this blog entry. Current regulations obstruct delivery of adequate palliative care, condemning most patients with life-limiting illnesses to unnecessary suffering.

Today, in the Republic of Armenia with nearly 3. Under such conditions, many scholars, males in particular, opted for leaving academia. The most recent and perhaps most dramatic change in the education system was the establishment of high schools, which bring together pupils from various schools.

As it can be deduced from the above mentioned there still exists a division between the "Doctor in [ Name of Speciality]" and "Doctor of Science" in Armenia. Police did not attempt less violent crowd control means, and did not make any meaningful effort to warn crowds to disperse or about their plans to use force.

Tertiary Education. There are a number of private and state universities in Armenia where undergraduate and graduate programs may be followed.

The three most prestigious ones are thought to be the American University of Armenia, Yerevan State University, and Urartu University. Of these Yerevan is the oldest, having been founded in Essay #1: Education REVISION When it comes to education, many people automatically have a negative reaction; especially when discussing the United States’ educational system.

Whether it is grade school or a higher education, most people would agree that something needs to be changed. Jun 26,  · Education in Armenia: A System in Transition Education is the foundation for a healthy and developed society, as well as a vital determinant of civic culture and participation in democratic politics.

About our Scholarships The Agnes K. Missirian Scholarship, totalling $2, was established in memory of Bentley College (Waltham, Massachusetts) Professor of Management Agnes Missirian, a strong advocate for women’s early and enthusiastic supporter of AIWA and its programs to advance the status of Armenian.

Education in Armenia Mher Melik-Baxshian I. INTRODUCTION Education has always received priority in Armenia—a country that has a history of According to this document, the special education system reforms have the following objectives: • • • • • Institutional adjustment of the boarding institution network.

System of Education In my life, I have traveled and studied in four countries in the world. They are Singapore, Australia, America and my home country Vietnam. I has learned many new things about education, and new ways of studying but in izu-onsen-shoheiso.comr, all the foreign schools I went through are using the American education are .

Education system in armenia essay
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