Educational technology and other learning resources

If computers were available in classrooms during this time period, their use mirrored this dominant mode of instruction; that is, they were primarily used to present passages of text and test students' comprehension and memory for information contained in the passages.

Soon schools, colleges, departments of education, and commercial stations were providing radio programming to schools. After implementation of a course or program is over, a summative evaluation is done for instructional improvement.


Nevertheless, radio did not have the impact on schools its advocates had hoped. At the same time, Internet connections were also widespread, with 95 percent of schools and 63 percent of classrooms having access.

Wikispaces Classroom Wikispaces Classroom walks you through process of creating an online classroom workspace that's private and customizable. All electronic communications e-mail, web forums, etc. There are a number of factors that contribute to this gender difference, including the limited number of female role models in computer-related fields, adults who especially encourage boys to use the computer and computer games, and software that tends to targets boys' interests more than that of girls.

Educational technology has both general and specialized meanings. Did you prepare a back-up tool in the event of initial failure of the project. An increasing shift toward blended learning, online-learning, and technology-driven collaborative learning; The growth in the potential of social networks to allow teachers to engage students online; Openness of educational resources and technology is "becoming a value"; BYOD is becoming more common as the cost of technology drops for students; and The role of the educator is being challenged as resources become more accessible on the Internet.

Use this tool to differentiate instruction or to flip your classroom. However, there is still an assessment gap in how changes in curricula and new skill demands are implemented in education; schools do not always make necessary adjustments in assessment practices as a consequence of these changes.

It has even removed the restrictions imposed by the clock by enabling people who have access to Internet technology to convene for the purpose of shared learning. Following are a few examples of computers being used to support four goals: Peak activity for radio use occurred during the decade between andalthough some radio instruction continued through the s.

At least two of these theories have influenced the development of instructional media for schools. Initially, teachers incorporate new technologies into the things that they traditionally do.

To the maximum extent possible, the superintendent shall integrate goal four and the knowledge and skill areas in the other goals in the technology essential academic learning requirements.

Underlined Launching in Underlined allows young writers to post their work, receive criticism, and read others' contributions. Approaches to Computer Use in Schools The function of computers in schools differs from that of other educational technologies. After reviewing hundreds of such studies, educational technologist Richard Clark concluded that "there are no learning benefits to be gained from employing any specific medium to deliver instruction," and that "media do not influence learning under any conditions," but are "mere vehicles that deliver instruction but do not influence student achievement any more than the truck that delivers our groceries causes changes in our nutrition"p.

Communications technology allows students to contact experts such as scientists, book authors, and political leaders. Computers, especially web-based resources, can disseminate basic information more efficiently and more cost effectively than human beings can.

According to the Association for Educational Communications and Technology, one of the principal professional associations representing educational technologists, "Instructional Technology is a complex, integrated process involving people, procedures, ideas, devices, and organization for analyzing problems, and devising, implementing evaluating, and managing solutions to these problems, in situations in which learning is purposive and controlled.

According to this perspective, the teacher's task is not primarily one of promoting knowledge transfer, nor is it one of ensuring that students perform consistently according to a predetermined description of knowledge and skills.

Haaren High School in New York City is credited with being the first to teach classes by radio, broadcasting accounting classes in. Jun 10,  · Grant Funding Resources for Educational Initiatives.

Introduction Internal Funding Sources Grant Databases Selected External Funding Sources General Sources Funding for Humanities Education Funding for Social Science Education Funding for STEM Education Introduction A variety of sources of grant funding are available to support educational initiatives at the college and university.

(1) Within funds specifically appropriated therefor, by December 1,the superintendent of public instruction shall develop essential academic learning requirements and grade level expectations for educational technology literacy and technology fluency that identify the knowledge and skills that all public school students need to know and be able to do in the areas of technology and.

This enriches the learning and increase the students„ motivation Teachers need to have access and knowledge to wide range of books, recourses, magazines, novels, encyclopedia. Kids love technology and our variety of electronic and classroom oriented technology toys for children make learning fun.

Technology toys can be valuable during a child’s growth and development – both in the classroom and at home.

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TOJET: The Turkish Online Journal of Educational Technology – Januaryvolume 10 Issue 1 3. What media or other resources are most suitable? 4.

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What support, beyond the teacher and the available resources, is needed for successful learning? The constructivist view of instructional design is learning by doing. In other words. Oct 08,  · Educators and educational researchers should be encouraged to focus on determining how to better integrate the use of a given technology to facilitate learning, rather than asking if it works or if one is more effective than another.

Educational technology and other learning resources
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