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Then start preparations for getting admission to the technical or professional degree which is called as higher study. A girl child, too, has the right to go to schools.

Moreover, the system of education was quite different from that of today. Syllabi continued to be theoretical in nature, and irrelevant to the socio-cultural and economic contexts.

In rural primary schools, we hardly see the talented staff, and this even happens in universities. People of higher caste were studying well and people of lower caste were not allowed to study in the schools and colleges.

Essay Topics and Ideas Education is one of the broadest subject matters a student will be lucky enough to write an essay on due to the wide range of topics you can choose from as well as the large body of work or research materials available for your reference purposes.

But still, the focus of our education system is on theoretical knowledge rather than practical knowledge. Boys become conscious of their dressing habits, behavior and the style girls.

From time to time, seminars or symposia were held to discuss the question of educational reforms and suggest an ideal educational system. And this is how most of the topics on this list come about, they either include, sort the issues or discussing them.

Raja Rammohan Roy, great social reformer and scholar, fought against this practice and succeeded in his mission.

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In the field of higher education, provision will be made for minimum facilities and admission into colleges and universities and will be regulated according to capacity. The next hurdle for students from low income families who manage to somehow close the learning gap encounter comes in the form of education policies in public schools.

We must give importance to the education than other targets in life as it is the only source of real happiness in our life.

Most importantly the distance learning programmes has made higher studies so simple and cheap so that people from backwards areas, poor people and people living good life may get equal access to the education and success in the future. These teachers usually get their hand full quickly and do the bare minimum required to get students ready for tests.

Education makes people as perfect and noble as possible. Future of the any person or country depends on the education system strategy followed. Education Still Separate and Unequal http: We need to bring education awareness equally in every area for better growth and development throughout the country.

Many scientists, mathematicians, astronomers have done huge research and have Essay system education many inventions. Poor countries cannot afford to open separate schools for boys and girls.

The whole criteria of education have been changed now. These are the people who are going to shape the upcoming generation and if the quality is not maintained at this level then that is a big harm to the next generation in making. Further, they can teach their children and help them in their studies.

Our students became irresponsible and directionless mob, out to destroy the very fabric of society. Here, in this case, the education system in India needs to take initiative and introduce life skills at the school level.

We just cannot copy paste the Western education culture and use it in India. Thus, in education we combine the study of natural laws with the laws governing the development of society- Knowledge and understanding come to us through the study of natural sciences chemistry, physics, biology, etc.

In the area of Technical and Management Education the policy maintains that reorganization should take into account the anticipated scenario by the turn of the century, with specific reference to the like changes in the economy, social environment, production and management processes, the rapid expansion of knowledge and the great advances in science and technology.

It called for radical reconstruction of the educational system and for greater attention to science and technology, the cultivation of moral values and closer relation between education and the life of the people.

Other hurdles include the lack of certain important subjects students need to learn before pursuing higher education degrees due to no available teachers to teach them.

In India, there are a number of co-educational schools, colleges and universities. Tips for Speech on Indian Education System Prepare a structure in mind which will help you to know what comes after what.

The dark forces of nature were beyond the comprehension of man and to console himself he had to depend upon the existence of supernatural powers and this led to the growth of religion and superstition.

But in the midst of these positives, a newer form of inequality is rearing its ugly head, in the form of an educational gap between students from wealthy homes and these from poorer homes.

It empowers us intellectually to interact with others in our life. 20 Education Topics for Essays. By Lauren Bradshaw.

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July 29, Essay Topics and Ideas. of 20% of college graduates come from parents who didn’t finish high school proves that the fault lies in the US education system.

In conclusion, this gap truly exists and can only be closed if policies are made to equalize education achievement of. Mar 08,  · The Indian education system is one of the oldest education systems in the world.

Many schools and colleges organize various competitions like speech and essay competitions. Many schools and colleges organize various competitions like speech and essay competitions/5(55). Chinese Education System and the American Education System Essay Words | 7 Pages ENG Chinese education system and the American education system The differences between the Chinese education and the American education are more obvious in people’s mind, not only to the international students, but also to the native students and some people who study on this.

Our Education System Needs to Be Improved essaysOur Education System Needs To Be Improved Education plays an important role in our society, which is the key of success for our future.

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This is why everybody has the obligation to go to school. Therefore, education system shall be considerate seriou. Education Essay. Topics: Education, Although it has improved tremendously over the years, there are still countless flaws in the system. Since having a good education leads to better opportunities, every parent wants their child to receive the best education that they possibly could.

Free Essay: The education system has been a controversial issue among educators. Requirements of school do not let student choose what they want to study for.

Essay system education
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