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Literacy and Adult Education can also be seen as a tool for positive change [ 19 ]. A handful of studies have shown that, when measured alongside educational attainment, individuals' literacy skills have a strong, independent effect on their fertility Thomashealth knowledge LeVine ; Stuebingand health outcomes Smith-Greenawayas well as their children's health and survival Blunch ; Glewwe ; Khandke, Pollitt, and Gorman ; Smith-Greenaway A woman who is able to keep her own business records is more likely to be able to manage her income and expenditure; and the children of a literate mother are more likely to complete their education.

This article has been cited by other articles in PMC. Because a common approach has been to classify adults as literate if they have achieved a particular level of primary education - typically grade five - I focus on adults with primary education, as well as those who have never been to school, and analyze basic literacy skills: This generally ends up in alienating the learners and causing them to reject the literacy program altogether.

The Association identifies the needs and classifies the populations by age, profession and learning needs, offers books, stationery and teaching aids free of charge, and conducts testing every six months [ 14 ]. Because many African adults have discontinued their education at the primary level, the study focuses on basic reading skills at each level of primary school.

Conclusion In the recent economic crisis, Literacy and Adult Education came up on the agenda as a tool for improving productivity and providing a possible solution to youth unemployment. Another reason relates to the fact that school attendance is not compulsory in many low-income countries, leading to high rates of absenteeism and prolonged periods out of school.

Primary school net attendance ratio — Number of children attending primary or secondary school who are of official primary school age, expressed as a percentage of the total number of children of official primary school age.

Radio and television are also being used in illiteracy eradication efforts.

Literacy rate, adult female (% of females ages 15 and above)

Yet, despite recognition that many students do not acquire academic skills, the assumption prevails that adults who went to primary school - in some instances many decades ago - learned how to read and have maintained the skill through adulthood. The National Plan for Literacy targets illiterate youth and young adults aged 15 to 35 [ 43 ].

Recognition of its intrinsic value and evidence of its social and economic benefits have motivated an expansive international effort to estimate the percentage of adults that can read, especially in low-income countries where educational opportunities are limited.

In fact, a study of Nigeria suggests that the child health benefits associated with women's literacy dwarf those of educational attainment in both magnitude and significance Smith-Greenaway Egypt still suffers from low literacy rates especially among females; and illiteracy seems to prevail among those members of society who are also in both absolute and relative poverty and lack access to basic amenities.

In fact, in some countries, large proportions of African women who never went to school can read, even as some of their peers who have completed primary school cannot. A closer look at national data shows cause for greater concern. Survival rate to last primary grade — Percentage of children entering the first grade of primary school who eventually reach the last grade of primary school.

However, the general relationship between literacy and improved health tends to obscure the specific contribution of female literacy over and above male literacy.

But increased access to education through higher enrolment rates can underplay high dropout among children before they are literate.

Literacy rate, adult female (% of females ages 15 and above)

The analysis specifically focuses on African women whose literacy is instrumental in promoting their own and their children's wellbeing Blunch ; Egbo ; LeVine ; Smith-Greenaway Thus, many adults who never went to school may know how to read and be engaged in literacy practices in their communities Banda ; Prinsloo and Breier ; Street Results Demographic and Health Survey data from 31 African countries confirm that there are many instances in which women have several years of primary school but cannot read.

Literacy rate, youth total (% of people ages ) Literacy rate, adult male (% of males ages 15 and above) Literacy rate, adult total (% of people ages 15 and above).

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Nov 11,  · Understanding the relationship between adults' educational attainment and their literacy will not only clarify whether global estimates of adult literacy can be accurately calculated from educational attainment data, but can also inform the vast social science literature on the consequences of education.

Simple random sampling technique was used to draw ten (10) Adult Education centers from the entire twenty-eight (28) centers, as well as women participants from the 10 center-twenty (20) women from each the rural women enrolled in Adult Literacy. Information on literacy, while not a perfect measure of educational results, is probably the most easily available and valid for international comparisons.

Low levels of literacy, and education in general, can impede the economic development of a country in the current rapidly changing, technology-driven world.

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This paper set out to examine the issue of Literacy and Adult Education in Egypt. The paper discussed the current status of Literacy and Adult Education in Egypt and the policies undertaken by either the Government or Non- government Organizations (NGOs) to provide programs to educate Adult Learners.

Correctional education is a fundamental component of rehabilitative programming offered in juvenile justice confinement facilities, most American prisons, and many jails and detention centers. Correctional populations are over-represented with individuals having below average levels of educational.

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